SoldĀ Silent Solitude

Work in progress

Contemporary landscapes – Oil on Canvas. Three panels, 24″ x 48″ each.

I set out with an intention of weaving together vignettes; a set of mini landscapes of places in the Pacific Northwest that I love. The challenge in making them all seem like they belonged together without altering the mood or the flow was an exciting one.As you eye moves from one panel to the next or even up and down each one, the scenes vary from foggy skies to rainy ones; night to day; Spring to Autumn. The landscapes meld together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with mountains, plains and water bodies juxtaposed as you look from one panel to the next.

There is a reason why we are drawn to the outdoors. A need to be away from the busy lives we lead. A short day trip or hike into the woods is like hitting the reset button for me.


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