Warm day in November –  low to mid 60’s said Seattle Times. It was a gorgeous sunny morning outside and I was itching to go paint. Just had to find a spot. I vaguely recalled that a sketch outing was planned by Seattle urban sketchers to this lighthouse on Vashon island. Few minutes later, I was driving to get in line at the ferry terminal to Vashon island. The conditions were perfect. My easel is old and heavy but is just right for windy conditions on a beach like this one. It was 11:30 when I started and the time went by real fast. By 2:30, there was no raw canvas, first round of paint was on. The beautiful puffy clouds were done. Painting clouds is somehow so tricky. It looks easy but is very hard to make them look convincing on a canvas. The tide was rising and although the water was shallow there, I did not want the easel to get unstable in the loose sand. I packed up reluctantly and took a couple of pictures on my cell phone and left home to finish this one.