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Fluid Dynamics – Paint, Resin and Ink Pouring Workshop

Fluid Painting Workshop – High Flow paints, pigments with pouring medium.


What is this workshop all about? It is three hours of pure fun! You will mix inks, paints, pigments and inks together and watch as they move and settle into incredible patterns on the substrate. The paints have a mind of their own and most of the fun is watching what happens as various colors slide over each other, pulling and repelling as they make patterns. With brief instruction on how to use the airbrush compressor, the blow torch and the process, you will be ready to get started on your piece. Many of my students have had very little painting experience or none at all. Your painting will remain at the studio to get an epoxy finish coating and can be picked up a week to date after the workshop.

How to paint with resin:

The video below is from a fluid painting workshop held at the studio for kids and their mentors: 


These workshops are excellent as corporate team bonding events, GNO’s, Birthdays and special family occasions, friends getting together.

Watch the video- paint pour the flip cup lift method : 

Resin pouring Workshop



Resin pour on Vinyl