Jayashree Krishnan

Jayashree Krishnan

It has always been my dream to make art that is thought provoking; sparking inner reflection.

We, as humans, search for the wisdom that will shape us to be the best versions of ourselves. In my own efforts at self-improvement, a spiritual upbringing and study of Sanskrit literature guide me toward a path of introspection.

The analogy of a tree holds personal meaning to me. Each branch in a way, representing a different style of expression. While I paint landscapes both abstract and representational on a daily basis, the one big goal is to create a body of work more spiritual in nature. The language of visual art holds the amazing power of transcending several barriers in bringing timeless wisdom to light.

My contemporary large pieces Samsara– The Cosmic Tree, Garuda, and Thapas are all based on studies of some ancient literature, trying to decode the deeper meaning through visual representation.

While the work there is incredibly exciting and rewarding, I find myself using the time in between to play with lighter subject matter.

Resin and pigments along with various additives have been an absolute delight as a medium for painting seascapes. My work from 2015 to present (over 75 resin pieces of several sizes) are largely based on water as the subject matter. The incredibly fluid and glassy nature of the medium makes it an excellent choice for aerial landscapes and seascapes.

Apart from these styles, I also enjoy painting outdoors. Taking my easel and paints to the streets of Seattle in Autumn, or a hike in the Cascades, I do enjoy painting outdoors when the weather permits.

As a member of the Urban Sketchers group in Seattle, I paint everyday scenes on location in my journal daily. Doing this regularly has given me the skills needed to grab a quick sketch during my travels and trips.

If you like what you see and would like a commissioned piece (s) for your home or work space, do get in touch with me. Look for details about resin workshops at my studio if you would like to paint with resin.

Thanks for stopping by my site and I do hope you will check in frequently to see my new work.

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