Jayashree Krishnan

Jayashree Krishnan

What you see here is a collection of work ranging from Landscapes, abstract work, conceptual Art and excerpts from my art journal. I am self taught and work with several media. In the Fall of 2015, I quit my job as a Math instructor so I could devote more time to pursue my true passion. It has been a wonderful adventurous journey of creating, exploring and sharing art.

Although some may think that my styles are too varied, I find that it is an essential part of who I am. Every medium lends itself to a certain type of art work. To tell a story with art or to make concept-based work, it takes more than one approach. Some of my pieces combine the use of fabric, gel, resin, metal foil, paint. pigment, ink transfer as materials. It took me a few years to study and experiment with these media till I felt comfortable combining them effectively. It starts with simple sketches of an idea in my notebook and eventually finds a place on a substrate. That creative process keeps me excited everyday to go to the studio.

My studio is currently at Tashiro Kaplan Lofts, Seattle. Do message me for a studio visit or stop by open studios from 5 to 9 PM on First Thursdays at Pioneer Square.  Come see the art in person if you can.

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