I have been wanting to paint this street for a year now and somehow it never happened. Until yesterday, anyway. The street is just too pretty and my watercolor skills aren’t good enough, I tell myself. This one has to be an oil. Nice and quiet street, great parking too. It just had to start raining 🙁 The car worked just fine as a studio. And it was fine for the next two hours. Until a guy across the street got his leaf blower out and chose to clean out the whole street. 45 minutes, he just would not quit. The noise was really getting on my nerves. Really, what is the point of blowing those leaves and not bagging them? Why do people even bother? Look how pretty those leaves look dancing about on the street. I had to choose between staying there with the windows up, which meant to inhale all the fumes from the paint or leave.

34th and madison